Saturday, January 05, 2008

Oh goodness...

This had to be the longest short week in history. I only had to work 3 days but wow what a long week it was. Work was dead this week, I hope things pick back up this week. Not much else going on in our little world. I am getting ready to head to my scrap space and organize alittle bit and hopefully that will inspire me to create something. I bought some papers and embellishments months ago and haven't even taken them out of the bag so cross your fingers that putting them away and going through stuff helps me out. I either need to get off my butt and start scrapping again or just sell it all.

I'll update you on how I did later today or tomorrow.
Here a couple more pictures of baby Ryan (hubby's cousin's baby).. this little man has totally and completely stolen my heart..


Marie said...

My fingers are crossed for ya and those are adorable pics...Although the first one is a lil scary lol!