Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year Part II

We had a wonderful time last night hanging out with our friends and children. Playing games and just chatting. I thought I would make a list of some things I would like to accomplish this year: 1. get healthy-- I want to start eating better and exercising more this year. 2. take more pictures--since I went back to work I haven't been getting the camera out as much as I use to. I also want to take more pictures of the everyday stuff, and more self portraits. I really really hate having my picture taken so this will definitely be a challenge for me. 3. scrapbook more-again since I went back to work I have hardly touched my scrapbooking stuff so I vow to get it all out this year and start playing again. I am going to quit worrying about what other people think of my pages and just go with the flow on them. I am just going to see where my art and pages take me..kind of a no holds barred approach. 4. Be more organized--I am really getting better about this but I have a couple of other things I would like to do to help out with this. So stay tuned and maybe I can help someone else out in this area. 5. be the best wife and mother I can be--I know this one I should do everyday anyways but sometimes we get caught up with life and we forget about the ones closest to us and without my husband and kids I wouldn't be the person I am. 6. Do something for me--even if it's once a month I need to also take time for me to keep my sanity. It will be nice to look at this post in a year and really see how well I did. Here's hoping to a wonderful 2008.

Thought I would leave you with a picture of my girls playing DDR.. have I told you how much fun we have with this game.


china59 said...

You know this is exactly why I don't like work so much. It always stands in the way of a good scrap !
But look at the bright side : work means salary, salary means more scrap stuff ! That's how I do the maths ! lol !