Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm actually up and moving..

and it's 7:40 am. I never have any energy this early in the morning but today seem full of energy. Let's hope it continues all day so I can get lots done.

Had a good weekend. Spent it with friends scrapbooking and having a meeting. We discussed, made suggestions for fixing things, discussed some more for 14 hours this weekend. It was a great meeting and we got lots accomplished. So now we take all of our ideas and solutions back to our members and hope they are open to them.

I did get alittle scrapbooking done this weekend and had an aha moment. I have been stuck in a creative rut lately and decided that I was going to start doing 8 1/2 x 11 layouts to do simpler pages but then I thought why can't I do simpler pages on 12x12 layouts. I can and I am going too. I know it may seem dumb but it was big for me, so now I can't wait to get some page kits started for my next retreat in March.

What should have been about an hour drive home this weekend turned into 2 hours but that was quit fine with me because it finally snowed and I got to take some picture of the kids playing in it. And bonus we had a snow day yesterday which means Mom got caught up on some sleep and had lots of help picking up the house.

Well back to my busy day of getting things done!! Hope everyone else a productive day too!!