Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Can you say uncomfortable??

My friend Brooke is going to college to be a medical assistant and right now is taking an EKG course. So she called me yesterday and asked if I could come in and let her and a couple of other friends do an ekg on me. Stupid me said yes..nothing like hanging the girls out for complete strangers to see.
At first I was completely embarrassed but got over that very quickly. I figured at least one of these people was my friend and not all complete strangers. It was actually kind of cool to get free medical care and I met a couple of cool people.
In other news not much else going on. Got all the laundry done today, kitchen clean and worked on some CS stuff. Getting ready for our big retreat registration this weekend which means making sure the store is ready to go and posting some fun picture challenges.
Speaking of pictures I really need to get my camera books back out and start working on my photography stuff again. I have done anything with it since before Christmas.
Well have a good night!!