Friday, January 19, 2007

I *heart* Grey's Atanomy

I just love this show and wow it was so emotional. I am such a daddy's girl and so it really just hit me when George said, "I don't know how to exist in a world where my Dad doesn't". I really don't know what I will do when something happens to my Dad. All I can say is get the padded room ready. This was also very emotional since my friend Brooke's dad is going through something like this. My heart aches everyday for her. I wish I could just wrap my arms around her and make it all go away. Brooke has been my rock more times than I can count and I hope to be able to be her rock through all of this..
But I must say the boys farting in the hallway is so my family.. that will be my brothers when the time comes. Which you know what it's just the way my Dad would want it. He would rather us drink a beer and fart than sit around crying. So I am sure that's what we will try to do.

After this episode I hope the people around me know how much I truly love them and appreciate them.

And to the woman in my vent from my last post.. You really should watch this episode and be grateful for the things you do have and quit your complaining about everything else.. life is way to short for grudges, bitching, and just being hateful.. For no matter what I will be thinking of all of and you hoping you truly take this to heart..
remember we are only guaranteed today .. tomorrow is a gift..

Well have to finish getting ready for my weekend away. We do get internet access so will try to check in and say Hi!!