Thursday, January 11, 2007

Busy and Boring Days

Yesterday was a very busy day. Had lots of running around to do and then home to bake cookies for Logan's class today for his birthday(which is actually Monday but they don't have school) and then clean.

Today just sat around and picked up the house alittle bit. Seems I have a bit of insomnia and the last time I looked at the clock after going to bed was 4:00 am.. which made me a very very tired lady today. So that means not alot gets done. So plan on spending tomorrow getting caught up on everything and clean.
Do you ever wonder why as woman we are so worried about the house being clean?? I mean it's all just a mess again 5 minutes after they get home from school, but I still am just fanatic about the house being clean. And right now it's a mess and it's driving me crazy. So tomorrow I have to clean..

Tomorrow night I am going to my brother's wrestling tournament. I love watching high school wrestling..Its the biggest 5 minute adrenaline rush and I especially love watcing my little brother in wrestling, football, and baseball. For those that don't know he is 16 yrs old and I am so stinking proud of him (although he drives me alittle crazy most of the time). Well back to Grey's ..have a great weekend!!