Saturday, January 13, 2007

Another one of my favorites..

Is watching high school wrestling and what makes it even better is my brother is a high school wrestler. I don't get to go to many of his tournaments since they are mostly out of town and I have my own family but I always make sure to be at the tournament at his high school. I love the thrill of sitting there waiting for them to call your wrestler to the mat and then the adrenaline rush while the match goes on, and then the excitement watching your guy beat the other guy .. screaming and yelling..wohooooooo.. HE WON!! HE WON!! Then it's over that quick.. But I love it..its competitive and butt kicking and just awesome. My little brother knows how much I love it and how proud of him I am that he bought me a black long sleeve shirt that says (in purple even) Sister of a Wrestler. I went right into the bathroom and put it on immediately and am very proud to wear it.

Here are some pictures I took last night..
Uh oh it's not looking to good right now..
But I fought back and got him right where I want him.. time to go in for the kill..

So this was mostly how I spent my weekend.. And since my little brother went out early today(that's okay Bubbie I still love you) I did get home at a decent time this afternoon. Then just picked up the house, uploaded all the pictures and played on the computer. Hubby even cooked a wonderful dinner of homemade pepper steak and it was the best.. Off to finish watching the playoffs.