Friday, December 01, 2006

Wow just Wow..

It's December 1st. Where has this year gone?? I remember being alittle girl and just thinking that year would never end. Now I'm a big girl with little ones of my own and I think wow where did the years go.
I look at the kids and think they can't be that old and yet they are and every year they just get older and older. Next year I will actually have a teenager. ACKKKKKK!! Someone send help quick cuz I think I am going to need it.

Now is the time I start really freaking out thinking, oh my goodness I have so much to get done before Christmas and it's time to get busy. So that's exactly what I plan on doing. I have tons of things to do and make before Christmas and I plan on doing every last one of them before Christmas gets here. So wish me luck.
And speaking of Christmas we got the kids exactly what was on their lists (and I got hubby exactly what he wanted on his list too!!) so I am even that more excited for Christmas to get here and see them open everything.
Tomorrow morning I will also be taking Logan over to his school for his Secret Santa and its going to be so much fun. I will have to make sure and take my camera to get lots of pics of him shopping.

Well it also looks like Winter is officially here. Cold, wet and rainy and will probably turn into snow. Ready or not here it comes.

Time to try to get some things checked off my list for today.

Almost forgot my Cincinnati Bengals beat the Ravens last night..We could still make the playoffs this year.. GO BENGALS!