Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Journal

I decided that I am going keep all my thoughts and preparations here for the Christmas holidays and then add it to a journal after Christmas so I can always look back and remember.

I am off to a good start this year and not feeling frustrated with all I have to get done before the big day.Yesterday I got 6 little gift card tins made and organized my scrapbook stuff.

So today I am going to officially start a countdown and try to cross 3 or 4 things off my list everyday. Sounds pretty doable right?? Only time will tell but just to add in a little mix to the crazies this year we get to officially attend Christmas parties at hubby's work. Never ever not once since we have been married have we been to Christmas Parties. Isn't that sad?? Today is hubby's Christmas Party for the kids and I think I am more excited than they are. They are going to have Santa(of course), get presents, a clown, and a full meal. I hope they have fun and more importantly behave.

Next weekend is hubby's Christmas Party for the Adults.. Woohoo. I am so dang excited. I have lots of little things to do for that like get a wax, get my outfit ready, get a pedicure, and pack to spend the night at the hotel, but it will be so worth it.

So anyways back to my's a mile long right now but just going to keep smaller. I am determined to get it done and not scrambling at the last minute because this is a magical time of year and I want my kids to remember it forever.

I'll try to update when I get back tonight from the party. I hope to have some pictures to post then too, haven't had the camera out to much lately, bad scrapbooker. Hope everyone has a magical day!!