Sunday, December 10, 2006

I can't believe how fast this weekend flew by. Here's alittle recap from yesterday.
Left home and went to my neighbor's shop to get my hair done and a wax (oh the things we go though to be beautiful). While I was doing that hubby took his jacket back to Kohl's. Then of course we had to make a trip to the mall. We ate lunch and then headed to the bookstore. Got some great new books but of course not any good photography books. Then off to the hotel we went. We just hung out, I played with my camera and we started reading our new books.
Then we got ready for the party. I know these pictures need some editing done to them but for now they are the only ones I have. They did take a picture of us there so can't wait to get that back. We had a total blast at the party. Those people get crazy. Dinner was great, played some black jack, and texas hold'em and then just hang out with other co-workers talked and danced alittle.

I haven't be feeling very up to par this weekend think I might got a bug somewhere. Have a very busy week so hoping I am feeling much better tomorrow. Until next post..have a great night.