Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The countdown has begun...

13 days until Christmas... and of course the list is still a mile long. Slowly getting it all done but of course still adding more to it.

Took some pictures this weekend of my friend and her family, her brother and his girlfriend and also my neighbor's kids. I definitely have a lot to learn but as they say practice makes perfect. So I will just keep practicing, reading and playing. I have a lot of editing to do on them so just add one more huge thing to my list to do. I am hoping to have my whole list except for cleaning completely done by Sunday night. With 4 kids the cleaning always has to wait til the last minute but if I can get everything else done then I can clean a little bit each day and not run around trying to finish everything else.

I am so excited for Christmas this year. The girls went to a slumber party last weekend for one of the little girls I use to babysit for and they made the cutest gingerbread house. I haven't gotten the picture off my camera but will post a picture as soon as I do. Speaking of cameras I am really trying to get better at taking it with me everywhere I go so I can get in practice for taking a picture a day in 2007. I am hoping to take those pictures and put them in a scrapbook to see how my photos have gotten better(or maybe worse ) over the year.
Here is a picture of my friend Brooke and her family: ( the sun really killed us taking pictures that day)


Didi said...

A picture a day for the whole year? Very cool. I did that in October and it was fun. My hubby and son got into it too towards the end...suggesting and pointing out things or doing goofy stuff to see if they 'made' POTD! LOL I'll be looking in on your pix!