Thursday, December 07, 2006

This is what we woke up to this morning and the kids were going crazy. It was so funny this morning as they each crawled out of bed to hear them ask "Is there a delay, Is school cancelled?" To which I promplty burst their bubble by telling them Nope the roads are fine and there is school today. Boy were not happy to hear that. The roads weren't bad but the driveway was and I of course I walked out to get in the car and promptly fell on my bed and then laughed in hysterics. Why is it when someone falls down we just have the urge to laugh? Is everyone like this or is it just me?

Had another great day today. Still working on that Christmas list but it is getting considerably smaller. Thank goodness cuz the next two weeks are going to be crazy. Hubby's Christmas party is in 2 days and have I told you how excited I am?? LOL.. Then we have choir concerts, eye doctor appts, regular dr. appts, ortho appts., a cookie exchange and a photo shoot for friends.
Looks like I better try to finish off my list this weekend before everything gets very hectic.