Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mission Complete..

Got the ear all fixed today..although as bad as it hurts right now you would never know that it really is fixed. I go back to the doctor next Tuesday so we'll see what happens from here.

Finally finished one of the dozen of Christmas gifts I am making. I loved how it turned out and am hoping I feel better tomorrow to finish the other one I started. It's an altered canvas that I will be adding pictures to and you can just stand it up somewhere. I am also going to order some 4x4 clipboards from Oriental Trading and alter them for some friends and another friend found some silver gift card holders and am going to alter those and use them for of course gift cards. Now to just find the time and really get all of this done.

Took the kids to our annual uptown Christmas walk last night and we had a great time. The weather was perfect, the kids were cooperative and I got lots of pictures. (Although I either need a new a new lens or an external flash cuz the flash on my camera just doesn't cut it).
That's it for today.. The pain killers are starting to kick in and they make me very sleepy.