Monday, March 17, 2008

How's half the challenge??

So your not going to get a picture today and so I am offically a loser on the first day but I have a really really good right hand and arm is killing me. It hurts so bad I wouldn't even want to pick up my camera and try to take a you just get a post..lame I know but that is life..

In other news appartently I am spending my weekend here...can you guess where here is??

Well it has something to do with this??

Yep we are traveling to South Bend, Indiana to watch the spring football game. Although this isn't really my idea of romantic I do think it will be fun and hubby loves his ND football so for him I'll do it.. and besides this will earn me some major brownie points and I can save those up for when I really want something from him..haha!!