Friday, February 08, 2008

It's so quiet here...

Another busy week at work but thank goodness I am almost caught up..can you hear that big sigh of relief???
So the kids are all scattered in a hundred different directions tonight and hubby is still at work and it's so quiet in my house. For those of you with kids do you ever wonder what you did before kids? I mean I truly am enjoying the peace and quiet but it's so weird and I know I should savor it but I am use to 4 kids,a hubby, and 4 dogs driving me crazy most of the time so when it is quiet I miss that craziness. I know I am weird.
In other news can I just say that I haven't seen this little guy in 2 WHOLE weeks and i miss him like crazy.. definitely going to have to make time to head his way to get my baby fix. Can you tell I love him just alittle bit..okay he completely and totally has stolen my heart..