Saturday, December 22, 2007

My husband rocks....

As I said before my blazer broke down and we are just so sick of putting money into it and it just breaking down again and again but we had to have another car since I am working outside of the house. So hubby got me this little beauty.. It's a Honda Accord and it's perfect for me. We bought it from a good friend of ours and he kept it so clean. Since I am driving about 25-30 minutes each way to work it gets great gas mileage and so will save us alot of money especially with gas prices the way they have been.
We also got all of Christmas shopping done today and Kylee and I are doing lots of baking tonight and tomorrow while the boys clean the carpets. After they are done we are going to finish cleaning the house. We have kept Christmas very low key this year and it's been so nice not to stress out about every little detail.
Well back to baking.. hope everyone has a wonderful and stress free Christmas.