Sunday, October 14, 2007

It was a very busy week..

Work has been extermely crazy lately. We are down 4 people in our department so we are working out butts off, but never fear they have hired 2 new people and hopefully they will both start this week. Which als means I will have to move my desk and get to start in my new position. I am so excited. I know I will have lots to learn but it will lots of fun.
This week was also Kinsey's choir concert which are always lots of fun and scarecrow night at Logan's school. Scarecrow night was interesting to say the least. We have always had PJ there to help and this year he had to work 2nd shift so we were on our own. Needless to say we did get the scarecrow made but it's quit scary looking really. This week looks to be just as busy with Logan having a 3rd grade program and then a court date with my ex.
Hope everyone has a great week!!