Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away..

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here. 70 and sunny and today it's rainy and yucky, and by this weekend they are expecting snow flurries here. That's Ohio weather for you.
I went Monday and met with the HR lady and officially start this Monday.This is a totally new chapter in my life and I am so nervous and yet so excited. Tomorrow Brooke and I are going shopping to get me business casual clothes and shoes. Shopping with Brooke is like pulling teeth..LOL so wish me luck.
Been getting lots of things done around here this week. Ran errands, got my nails done, cleaned out my car, played outside with the kids, got the house clean and am working on laundry. Have a few other things I want to get caught up on in the next few days so I don't have to try to play catch up next week.
And of course a post is very boring without a here are the girls yesterday jumping on the trampoline.