Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What a start to the week..

My friend Brooke called at 8:00 am Monday morning for me to take her to the ER..what we thought was just a virus or gas turned into a cyst so the 20 minute surgery started @ 6:00. At 6:20 th doctor came out and informed us she was a mess inside they were removing her right ovary and they think they appendix burst so they would have to call in a general surgeon for that and surgery would be at least another hour, After 2 more hours the dr. came out and informed us it was a bigger mess than they could even imagine and they had to do a hystermony, remove her appendix and clean up in there and remove a cyst almost the size of a football. So after they got her settled into her room(with a tube up her nose and hooked up to every machine they own) I finally made it back home. Only 14 hours later..boy I love hospitals So this week I will not only have my 4 to shuffle, feed and get off to school but also Brooke's 2 so Dan can spend as much time with her in the hospital at night..
Brooke wasn 't doing very well when I stopped over last night but I called this morning and Dan said she is doing much better. I probably won't make it over today since they cancelled school again because of fog and black ice. So for today we might run some errands later, then spend a quiet day at home just hanging out.

Have a great day!!!