Sunday, February 25, 2007

Crazy few days..

It's been a whirlwind of running the past few days.
Friday I had to run some errands and then a job interview at 12:30. The interview went wonderful and she asked me to stay and interview with 2 managers that were hiring. My friend Heather (who works there and is a very old but great friend) and I went to lunch and then I came back for the next 2 interviews, they also went wonderful. I finally walked out of there at 3:00. I was beaming from ear to ear walking out of there. Heather even called me after work to let me know that they would be calling me for a final interview. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Had to come home from the interview get the kids ready, watch my friend Trish's girls and head off to Kinsey's play. It was wonderful. Those kids have some talent let me tell you. I went Friday night with the kids, my mom and stepdad and Saturday night with PJ, Logan, and the in-laws. I loved it!!
Both nights after the play we went out for dinner.

Saturday morning was also the CS garage sale and I made quite a bit of money.. woohoo!! But boy was I exhausted so I got in a nap before the play Saturday night.
So far today I have made my page for our CS retreat, got the house clean and worked on getting some stuff done. I still have a couple more things to get done for my scrapbooking retreat in 2 weeks and watch the race.
Keep your fingers crossed for me to get the call for the next interview.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!