Monday, December 04, 2006

Woohooo It's working again..

I can post pictures again. Like I said yesterday they had a little bit of everything there for the kids to do. They had cookie decorating, face painting, carciatures, craft area, lunch, and of course Santa complete with presents. The kids had a total blast and were so good while we were there. I was also talking to some of the other wives and they were telling me how amazing they adult party was. I am so excited and cannot wait to go this weekend.

I have gotten absolutely nothing accomplished today..NOTHING..NADA..I didn't sleep well last night so have just been a big bump on a log all day. Oh I have got to get working on my Christmas list.
Plus I have to do a photo shoot for my good friend and her family this weekend and do you think I have started working on that..NOPE. I have to get the photography books out tonight and study, study, study.

Here is Brandon decorating his gingerbread man.
Kylee with her Balloon Santa Face. The guy who did was amazing with those balloons.
Here is Logan waiting for his balloon. He got a snowman.

And Kinsey getting her carciature drawing. Which were just so neat.