Tuesday, December 26, 2006

It's officially over...

Christmas that is.. We do still have Christmas at my mom's but other than that we are done. I thougth I would share a few pictures. Here is Kinsey with her new ornament that PJ's aunt made.

Logan and Kylee goofing off in their new pajamas.
Brandon opening his new pajamas.

This is hubby Christmas morning after we had opened presents.

My little brother got a new dog and named the poor thing Troy (after the OSU quarterback).

Here are a couple of my Christmas presents.. Woohoo now I can golf all the time.
My Dad and Chris love to get us things from our childhood.

I also got tons of other cool things things. Sweaters, jeans, candles, a Dale Earnhardt Jr. mug, Grey's Atanomy Season 1 and 2, a beautiful necklace, a tripod for my camera.
It was truly a wonderful Christmas even if we are were alittle sad my Grandfather wasn't here to enjoy it with us. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Just think the new year is right around the corner.