Sunday, December 17, 2006

Got Lots done..

I got a done of stuff done this and it feels great. I got the pictures edited and ordered and just need to pick them up tomorrow. Baked 15 dozen cookies and got them ready for the party Tuesday. Just need to finish up the recipe cards. Except for picking up a few things next weekend I got all the Christmas grocery shopping done. Got my dad and stepmom's gift basket put together. So still lots to do but am slowly getting it all done. I am determined not to freak out this year and whatever doesn't get done..just doesn't get done. Well football is on so I will leave with some super cute pictures..

Here is a picture of my friend Brooke's Dad and Stepmom dog.. Poor Autumn hates this coat so it quite interesting to get try to this picture.This is Brooke's dog Tanner.. yes we were torturing the poor dogs.

This is Brooke's stepson and I love this picture, even if I don't remember taking it.