Saturday, April 26, 2008

I try...

to get on here and post more but life just seems to get in the way. Last weekend was absolutely wonderful. We got to Indiana about 4:30 and got checked into our hotel room. We got settled in alittle bit and then decided to head out for dinner. That was an adventure in itself. We just drove and drove and drove and finally realized the place we wanted to eat was really about 2 blocks from our hotel. After dinner we went to the bookstore and Meijers and then just hung out.
Saturday we got up early and went to breakfast at IHOP and then to the campus which was only about 5 minutes from the hotel. The campus was absolutely beautiful. Everyone was so nice and helpful. We walked and walked around the campus just taking everything in and then went to the game which was awesome. We met up with our friends at the game and afterwards went out to dinner and then called it a night early.
Sunday we got up very early and headed up.
This week was busy at work but good. We finally got our papers signed for the house but of course we have hit another little bump in the road with our old mortage company so hopefully we get that taken care of Monday and then be done with them forever.
This weekend we are playing catch up, cleaning, grocery shopping and lots of hanging out.