Saturday, February 02, 2008

Whew glad it's over...

What a week.. besides being crazy busy at work we had to make an unexpected trip to the emergency room this week. Monday night Kinsey complained alittle bit about her back hurting, but she has been working at the school and running that I thought maybe she had just pulled something or was tired. Well Tuesday morning comes and I find her wide awake on the couch in tons of pain. I tried to talk her into staying home from school but she was having no part of that so off to school she went. By the time I got home from work that night and was talking to her and my friend Brooke about her pain we thought maybe she might be having an appenditicis so off to the ER we went. 5 hours later we find out it's a severe kidney infection and let's admit her for the night to perform IV antibiotics..I start to prepare myself for an overnight stay in the hospital hen Kinsey just loses it...crying hysterically and not wanting to stay in the hospital. They finally relented and let us go home with very strong antibiotics and vicodin. She seems to be doing much better and hopefully on the mend. Thank goodness this week is over.