Wednesday, December 20, 2006

5 days and counting..

til the big day. I think except for one last little trip to Wal-Mart and cleaning I am done. It's feels so good to not be running around like a chicken with my head cut off this year.
I thought I would post alittle update tonight on Daisy and other stuff. Daisy thankfully just has a scratched cornea which unfortunately turned into a ulcer in her eye. They gave her some antibiotics, pain meds and a ointment for her eye. So it should be fine. I am in complete denial about her getting old and think she should just be here forever, but she is only 7 and so even though she drives me completely crazy sometimes I want her around for a lot more years.
It was another crazy day here. I got the canvas done for my friend and I hope that her, her father and stepmother love it. Also had Logan's school christmas party today and it was a ton of fun. Brooke's father has been in the hospital in alot of pain so we went over tonight to see what was going on and be with her stepmother. Finally they seem to be figuring out what is going on so hopefully they can get him fixed up and continue treatment. So continue those prayers and good thoughts.
Well I better get to bed so I can tackle some of the cleaning tomorrow. I will also post some pics from the last couple of days.