Thursday, November 16, 2006


Now isn't this a face only a mother could love.. it has to be because right now if she wasn't so dang cute I would probably lock her up. We are now going through the chewing stage. Oh goodness hopefully it's just stage and its over soon.
Been learning and playing lots with my new camera. Still lots to learn but it will be all worth it when I have some amazing pictures.
Kids and hubby all doing great. Keeping me busy as usual but that's okay I love all the choas. Working on getting the house spic and span for the holidays. I plan on painting the downstairs bathroom this weekend, and cleaning the carpets. Hope to get to the upstairs bathroom also done before Christmas.
Christmas is alittle over a month away and I am so excited. I already have all my snowmen stuff out, and have even started shopping. Have lots of baking to do but a very good friend gave me a kitchen aid mixer so that will speed up the process.
Time to get back to all the new photography books I have bought lately.


Peter said...

Hi Christaw,

Thank you for commenting on my post Adding graphic to your Blogger beta blog. I have responded to your comment.